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Events on Campus

If you are running events on Campus please familiarise yourself with the Guidance Notes below:

Guidance Note for University Hirers – External Events Management

This guidance note is provided to assist University Hirer’s understand their obligations when booking events on University grounds and open spaces. In addition, the guidance note will also outline the practical information required from the Hirer to gain approval to undertake the event and also enable the event to take place safely.

This Guidance Note should be considered in conjunction with the attached flowchart which outlines the complete process for the use and hiring of University Grounds and Open Spaces.

The Hirer’s obligations are:

  1. Initially, the Hirer will need to identify the preferred location on Campus for the object to be positioned. This initial information should include an outline description of the practical needs associated with deployment of the object and any University staff needed to service the event.
  2. At the outset, the Hirer will need to provide the name of a single point of contact for the University External Events Manager to communicate with. This person will also be defined as the event ‘Responsible Person’.

    The ‘Responsible Person’ must be a University of Manchester employee, they will provide the liaison between the University’s Professional Advisors and External Stakeholders. This person will have the appropriate knowledge and experience of the University environment and the external Stakeholders operation and links to the University core business.    

  3. The University External Events Manager will provide a booking checklist to the Hirer. The completed checklist must be returned to the University External Events Manager with associated Risk Assessments, within defined timescales. Failure to return the booking checklist or Risk Assessments within defined timescales may result in the event being cancelled or postponed.

    The Risk Assessment must be specific to the event at the University of Manchester and not just a description of the object to be brought on Campus. Fundamentally, the Risk Assessment needs to describe the Risks associated with bringing the object on Campus, to include risks associated with: the delivery, installation and operation of the object, associated utility needs, the safety of users and the general public and removal of the object from Campus.

     4. The Hirer has the responsibility to inform the University External Events Manager of any last minute changes to the event booking and provide revised documentation.

     5. The Hirer / Responsible Person should be available on the day/s of the event to meet and greet external stakeholders and liaise with the University of Manchester, External Events Manager.

         The Hirer / Responsible Person should also be available during the duration of the event to assist with unforeseen circumstances associated with the hire.