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Information for Line Managers

The Work Shadowing Programme will be something that as a line manager you will discuss in team briefs and PD&R’s as part of somebody’s career development opportunities. The programme is designed to give guests the chance to see how other parts of the DSE work; this could be either in a role they wish to progress into or a different part of the division that the guest has interest in.

Line managers should encourage relevant staff to apply onto the Programme. It should be highlighted as a development opportunity and can be raised in the annual performance and development review (P&DR). Line managers should be involved in discussing the objectives for each staff member who wishes to apply to the Programme.

If the line manger rejects an application, they will need to provide feedback to the member of staff. In considering the request for each staff member Line Managers should take into account busy periods and the impact this might have on business as usual. If applications are rejected due to busy workload it should be suggested that the individual apply to be involved in the next cycle.

Staff having support from their line managers throughout this experience is essential and will only enhance the experience.

What involvement will I have in the process?

The Divisional Coordinator of each area will be the person who is the point of contact between the Work Shadowing Panel, the Guest, the Host and the Project Team.

As a line manager, all that would be required is for you to support the application form, approve it and submit to the Project Team.