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Guidance for Line Managers

DSE Future Talent is a staff development programme specifically for DSE staff. 

Please reflect on whether any of your team would benefit from participating. Consider signposting them to this activity through the annual Performance and Development Review process (P&DR).

If you have any questions about the programme contact

Who is it for?

The programme is aimed at colleagues working within DSE who would like to develop their knowledge and experience through exposure to other areas of the Directorate. It is most likely to benefit colleagues who are currently working at grades 4 or 5. Places are limited to a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 participants and all applications must be supported by line managers as having the potential to benefit from the opportunity offered. If the programme is oversubscribed, places will be allocated on a fair distribution across divisions and participants’ own reasons for applying as described in their application.

What does the programme look like?

The learning aspects will be delivered via group workshops and one-to-one support. A key feature of the programme is the chance for participants to also work on a project within DSE in a different area to their own team, introducing them to new ways of working.

While there is no formal assessment of learning, participants are expected to attend all the group workshops as well as undertaking a work based project, providing an interim update on this work and on completion to deliver a presentation about their project output. Certificates will be awarded to participants at the end of the programme.

The project-based element of the programme offers the opportunity for participants to develop their oral and written communication skills, work in a team to plan, manage and deliver a project, including negotiating scope and identifying milestones, undertake research and analyse the results in order to provide information and recommendations that will inform DSE decision making.

How much time does it require?

The programme will run between mid/late October and June the following year and may take an average of 3-4 hours a week of staff time to complete. A proportion of this will involve attending scheduled group workshops which are held once a month and are typically 3 hours long (apart from the first and last workshops which are full day sessions.) The remainder of time will be spent working on the allocated projects; some weeks this may result in more time being spent, and other weeks, none at all. During the final 6 weeks of the programme participants will be working towards completing their project output and evaluating their learning which will result in an increase in time required during May and June.

The programme will conclude with a presentation of the projects and a celebration of the participants’ achievements to which all line managers will be invited.