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Research Integrity Training

All staff whose job involves research are required to take the concise course on Research Integrity as provided by Epigeum.  PGR students are required to take a subject-specific 5-hour course.  Before taking the training you should familiarise yourself with the University's Code of Good Research Conduct and processes for reporting concerns about the conduct of research, including research misconduct.

Guidance for staff

Staff whose job involves research are required to complete a concise course which will take no longer than 1-hour, although we recommend supervisors look through the 5-hour course to see what their PGR students will be learning and, in some circumstances, to help determine which subject-specific course they should choose.

The concise course consists of a 45-minute core course which can be supplemented with optional courses specific to your area of research.  The 15-minute optional courses should not be used in place of any University of Manchester specific policies and procedures. 

Detailed information on how to register for the course can be found in the Staff guide for the Research Integrity course.  It is imperative that you follow these guidelines so that the University has a record of your completion of the course.

Completion of the course will be monitored and must be repeated every 3 years.

Guidance for PGR students

PGR students are required to complete a 5-hour course which is subject-specific.  The subjects are:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Natural and Physical Sciences
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences

If you are unsure of which course to take, please consult your supervisor, or look at the Research Integrity PGR Course Guide provided by Epigeum.

Detailed information on how to register for the course can be found in the PGR student guide for the Research Integrity course.

Your Faculty will advise you on how to update your milestone in eProg.

Training Required of Researchers and Supervisors

In order to ensure that your ethics application receives favourable ethical review, it is essential to demonstrate that you have the appropriate level of training required to perform research in your chosen field. Some examples of specific training requirements are shown below:

Human Tissue: MRC Training and Registration of Study. For the MRC Training, please visit the link here and complete the Research and Human Tissue Legislation-Updated Course.

Clinical Trials: GCP Training (register first through the Training Catalogue, then once your application has been approved, a link to the course will appear on your Blackboard home page)

Please choose the most recent course. This will remain available on Blackboard for three months from the listed start date.  To apply, click the apply button in the bottom left corner of the sign up page and then choose from the courses available. (Please don’t select the 'I wish to apply for general access...' option, as this doesn’t in fact provide what it appears to!) Shortly after signing up, you should receive a confirmation email. The course link in Blackboard should then appear within the following 24 hours

Vulnerable adults/children: Sufficient prior experience and CRB check

Personal Data: Data Protection Training