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Project Suspension/Closure

It is sometimes necessary to suspend or stop research before a project is due to end.  This can be for various reasons, such as:

  • Dispute/disagreement between parties
  • Breach of law/legislation (eg Export Controls/Data Protection Act/Human Tissue Act/Clinical Trials Regulations)
  • Potential reputational risk (eg source of funding brought into question)
  • Mandates by the Government
  • Inability to meet milestones/obligations/recruitment targets as per contract
  • Safety concerns
  • Insurance concerns
  • Non-payment by funder
  • Chief/Principal Investigator leaving the University, ill or on parental leave[1]
  • Potential research misconduct

 It is important, in such circumstances, that steps are taken to ensure that a project is closed/suspended in a way that takes account of the risks involved and mitigates against these risks by ensuring that the appropriate people have been notified and advice sought. 

 The following SOP is intended to help with this process.

[1] If the Chief/Principal Investigator cannot be replaced or the funding cannot be transferred to another HEI with the CI/PI.