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Research security - guidance and support

Our international engagement is academically driven, allowing collaborations to flourish; at the same time, we are facing a complex international environment and therefore new and changing potential risks.

While we encourage international partnerships and open research, we want our researchers and research-related PS staff to be risk aware, with access to processes to help minimise threats, and therefore empowered to make informed decisions.

This work goes across all areas of our University and is aligned with Universities UK and UK Government guidance. It includes our new Policy on Responsible International Research as well as the information and services listed below.

We are here to support you – to maintain your academic freedom, help you develop your international relationships safely and keep you and your work secure.

But it is also important for you to be clear on the security of your work. As well accessing the support below, ask 3 key questions:

Who’s funding your research?

What interests do they represent and do they conflict with our own?

What controls are in place – who owns the research, what can funders do with the research?

How well do you know your research partners?

Researchers should look into the background and connections of their research partners and be clear on:

  • Whether they have any conflicts of interest with other research.
  • Whether and how they represent or are connected with other organisations/countries.

How is your research being used?

Research may be applied in different ways that weren’t intended by the researcher.

It is important to think about how research results could be used and consider how to prevent partners or other people with access to research from doing this inappropriately.

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