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Proposals to restructure PS support for Researcher Development

Our University is committed to providing a more focussed and coordinated approach to researcher development in order to deliver enhanced, equitable support.

To achieve this, we want to improve coordination and develop more effective management of researcher development support across the University through improved clarity of strategic ownership and a more responsive approach to governance.

The Review of Professional and Career Development Training for postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and research staff conducted in June 2019 identified that whilst the scale and range of provision of researcher development activity at the University of Manchester is extensive, the way in which it is presently organised and delivered is suboptimal, with marked variations in custom and practice across the three Faculties and other parts of the University.

Similar issues have also been evident in satisfaction responses in PGR, research staff and Presidential Fellows surveys and through feedback provided in focus groups conducted this year with PGRs and research staff.

In response, these proposals aim restructure Professional Services support for researcher development to create a single team that will coordinate and manage training and personal and professional development for researchers.