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Information Security & Data Protection online training

The new Information Security & Data Protection course (launched in June 2020) is hosted online by Metacompliance. It replaces the Data Protection course (TBF26) on Blackboard. It is mandatory for University of Manchester employees and must be completed by everyone by 31 December 2020 regardless of when you last did your data protection training. The training introduces some new information security content, refreshes people’s understanding of data protection law and provides a reminder about Freedom of Information legislation.

GDPR update (Jan 2021) – the UK having left the EU, is now a 'third country' for data protection purposes, however the Trade and Cooperation Agreement provides provisions for the continued transfer of personal data from the EEA to the UK. The UK government introduced secondary legislation, the effect of which is to introduce the GDPR into UK law. The new UK GDPR will mirror the GDPR’s provisions and must continue to be read alongside the UK Data Protection Act 2018. Although the training videos still reference the UK being part of the EU, the content remains relevant as the EU and the UK have each committed to a 6 month bridging period from enacting the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, whereby neither party makes any change to their data protection laws. This means that the UK and EU GDPR remain almost identical and enforcement sanctions referred to in the training will continue to be in step.

How to access the course:

The course can be accessed using a UoM managed device or your own personal device (including tablets or mobile phones).  

1. Click on the following Metacompliance link using an up to date version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari and enter your University of Manchester email address (DO NOT USE EDGE BROWSER - if your default browser is Edge, copy and paste the link into one of the other browsers):

Please note that if you encounter a 'page unavailable' message after entering your email address it is likely that Edge is your default browser and you will need to follow the above instructions to access the training. Read our browser guidance to help identify and download browsers. Alternatively, it may mean you are a new joiner that hasn't had an account set up yet (see below).  

2. You will then be directed to the University of Manchester Single Sign On page; enter your University of Manchester IT account username and password.
3. Once you’ve logged into Metacompliance, you will see a Notifications box, click on the white arrow. 
You will see the ‘Information Security & Data Protection’ course listed, click on the blue ‘View Course’ button.
Click on the play button to start the course. The course has two sections: ‘Information Security’ following by ‘Data Protection & FOI’ that take approximately 20 minutes each.
6. To check you have completed it all, click on the Home button on the left-hand side, under eLearning it will have a 1 above Complete.

If you have followed the above instructions, read the browser guidance and the step by step guidance (containing screenshots) and still cannot login to Metacompliance, please email: 

New joiners need to have an account created; there may be a slight delay between joining and being able to access Metacompliance whilst the relevant data is obtained from HR. Contact us if you have any queries:  

Please note that honorary staff and certain types of casual staff will not have been granted access to the training. If you think that you should be included please discuss it with your line manager or school administrator and email:  

Note that the 'Forgot your password?' function on the Metacompliance log in screen will not work as you access Metacompliance using University of Manchester Single Sign On.



I can’t log in to Metacompliance – who do I contact?
If (after reading the browser guidance about not using Edge) you access the Metacompliance link, enter your UoM email address and you cannot log in, contact:

Does it matter which browser I use? 
The course will run in an up to date version of Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. Do not use Edge - if your default browser is Edge you should copy and paste the Metacompliance link into one of the other browsers. Read our browser guidance to help identify and download browsers. 

How long does the course take?
There are two parts ('Information Security' followed by 'Data Protection & FOI') that take approximately 20 minutes each.

Do I have to complete the course all at once? 
No, it will save your progress ready for the next time you log in.

How can I obtain evidence that I have completed the course? 
When you have completed the course, click on Home and User Status Report, then click on the blue box in the graph, it will open a screen with details of your course completion date along with email address. If necessary you can take a screenshot of this page. 

What are participation points? 
Each element of the course is automatically assigned points – these are not your total quiz scores.

How do I turn on subtitles?
When playing a video, click on the quote marks (bottom right of the screen).


Why this training is important

We are all responsible for protecting personal data that individuals have entrusted to the University and information that’s confidential in nature. Failure to do so can result in significant harm and distress to the individuals whose data we hold, lead to reputational damage to the University and regulatory fines.

There is an ever-present risk that any one of us could become the victim of a cyber-attack. There are many simple but important steps outlined in the training that you can take to help keep your information, and University systems, safe and secure.