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Who Does What

Within the Contracts Team, there are Contracts Managers, Contracts Officers and Contracts Assistants, with each role having responsibility for different agreements. If you are unsure who to contact, the following list gives a basic guide and also provides further information on the main types of agreements we are responsible for:

Contracts Assistants

  • CDAs
  • Non-Financial Amendments 
  • Incoming Shortform Brunswick Collaboration Agreements
  • NIHR (DoHSC) Agreements
  • Addgene MTAs
  • MCRC Biobank MTAs (from The Christie)
  • UK Biobank MTAs
  • Standard NHS Digital - Data Sharing Agreements
  • Study Site Agreements (mNCA and PICA)

Contracts Officers

  • Financial Amendments
  • Subcontracts - outgoing and incoming
  • Incoming MTAs
  • Outgoing Human Tissue MTAs
  • Standalone Data Transfer Agreements (No Personal Data)
  • Novation Agreements
  • Negotiable Inter-University Collaboration Agreements
  • Government department contracts (excluding NIHR Agreements)

Contracts Managers

  • Research Funding Agreements
  • Consultancies and Service Agreements
  • Review of changes to the UoM standard Sales Order
  • Studentships
  • Data Agreements (where personal data relating to an identifiable person is involved)
  • Memoranda of Understanding 
  • Heads of Terms
  • Incoming Licence Agreements
  • Visiting Researcher / Secondment Agreements
  • Student Exchanges / Placements 
  • IT and Software Agreement
  • Equipment Transfer Agreements