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Responsible Research and Innovation at the University of Manchester

Responsible Research and Innovation Framework

The University’s Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Framework encapsulates the expectations and activities that support responsible research and innovation at The University of Manchester.



Responsible Research and Innovation Framework

Our Values

We are driven by Our Values of knowledge; wisdom; humanity; academic freedom; courage; and pioneering spirit.

Our Values

Academic Freedom

Our Culture

The four themes in the central circle represent the culture engendered by the University through its senior leadership, its strategy and its policies in order to encourage responsible research and innovation.


We are committed to fostering the highest standards of research integrity in line with our Code of Good Research Conduct and conducting our research within agreed ethical frameworks.

Code of Good Research Conduct



We will provide researchers with the tools to conduct their research responsibly, in accordance with the UK Research and Innovation Framework for Responsible Research and innovation (AREA)[1] and recognise and reward them for doing so.

Recognition and Reward



We promote an environment where there is zero tolerance of discrimination, bullying, violence and harassment where all our people can fully achieve their professional and personal aspirations through ourEquality, Diversity and Inclusion Policyand associated action plan.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Personal wellbeing

Dignity at work


We are committed to protecting our researchers, students, research participants, the environment and cultural objects from harm.

Health and Safety

Child Protection

Ethics involving human participants

Ethics involving animals

Anti slavery and human trafficking

Our Practice

The themes in the outer circle represent the expectations of the University of its researchers in terms of responsible delivery of research and innovation.


Through our Office for Open Research, we promote the principles of transparency and rigour to encourage and increase collaboration and the reuse and reproducibility of research findings.

Open Research



We will ensure we have the necessary systems and resources in place so that our researchers can fulfil all relevant professional and compliance standards, including the UK’s Trusted Research framework.

Trusted Research

International Collaboration

Conflicts of Interest

Risk Management


We engage with diverse people on our campus, in communities and around the world so we can deliver economic, social, cultural, health and wellbeing benefits for society and the environment.

Public Engagement

Participation in research


We encourage the discovery of new knowledge. We also encourage its application in the development and creation of innovative solutions to benefit society and improve lives. We support researchers’ pathways to impact through our specialist Knowledge ExchangeImpact,  and Public Engagement teams  and commercialisation through our Innovation Factory.

Research Impact

Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

Getting Started

To help you get started on incorporating RRI perspectives into  our own research practice, you will find information below on using the UK Research and Innovation AREA approach. This approach will help you recognise the RRI work you may already be doing and provide links to support and resources at the University of Manchester.

You will also find links to further external information and resources as well as case studies of RRI work already underway at the University.