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Myrna Rollins

Winner – Continued Excellence

Myrna Rollins

This award recognises colleagues who excel in the ‘first mile’ – not just the extra things that come along sometimes, but consistently exceptional performance in their core job; who really demonstrate our values each and every day.

Myrna works in in the Accommodation Office providing administrative support, but her managers say this description doesn’t begin to cover the range of what she deals with. One of her core responsibilities is ensuring that every undergraduate student is offered accommodation – yes, all 15,000 of them! To deliver this, Myrna has to be familiar with the diversity of the whole accommodation portfolio and take into account the need and wishes of thousands of young people, often as their first experience of University life. Myrna shows empathy and professionalism, even when handling complaints, appeals or complex requests. Even during the ‘crunch’ time between A-Level results and Welcome Week, she keeps on smiling, maintaining a rate of 90% of students being matched to their preferred accommodation. It’s a demanding role year on year, but the Covid-19 pandemic threw new challenges into the mix and Myrna rose to them with a smile and her trademark ‘unflappable’ style.

How do you feel about winning a DOCA?

I feel very honoured to have won a DOCA. I am very much a person who does not look at what I do as an individual, but more as a team and I believe the award I received is a team effort.

What did you enjoy about the ceremony?

I enjoyed the ceremony very much. The refreshments were more than adequate and appetising, and the seating arrangement was very well planned.

What is enjoyable or meaningful for you about being part of the Directorate for the Student Experience?

It is great being part of the DSE and there is a strong sense of community and belonging, and I think this is down to the senior leadership.