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Recruiting a Student Ambassador

In the DSE many teams use Student Ambassadors to help them deliver their work and particularly at business critical periods such as Welcome. Examples include: helping at events, signposting students during welcome, supporting accommodation tours, helping with exam invigilation.

Student Ambassadors are recruited as Casual Staff.

Please follow the step by step guide to recruiting Ambassadors:

  1. Permission should be sought and agreed by the Budget Holder to recruit Student Ambassadors.
  2. The PCMF (Post and Contract Management Spreadsheet) should be completed by a relevant individual i.e. the budget holder or the Manager recruiting.
  3. All columns should be correctly completed. Missing information can delay the process.
  4. Once complete the PCMF should be sent by email to (if you are submitting the request on behalf of the budget holder please ensure you CC them into the email).
  5. The request will go through a series of approvals including authorisation by the Director for the Student Experience, the Head of DSE Finance and the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer.
  6. The approval process can take up to 14 working days. Once approved the requester will be notified by email.
  7. A Casual Appointment Request Form (CAS1) now needs to be completed by the Line Manager – to be sent to with approval email for the post set up. If there is an existing post for this role, please add the post number to the CAS1.

People casuals will then send a verified CAS1 to you confirming the new post number or extension to an existing post.

In the meantime, the ambassador should complete the following documentation:

  1. Casual Notification of Appointment (CAS2) (The University of Manchester) completed by the Ambassador and then signed by the Line Manager
  2. Casual Bank Details and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Information (CAS3) (The University of Manchester) completed by the Ambassador
  3. The new Starter checklist ( completed by the Ambassador
  4. Once all the forms are completed please email them to including the verified CAS1
  5. You may also be asked by colleagues in People and OD to complete the relevant Right to work checks | Directorate of People and Organisational Development
  6. People and OD will confirm the individual has been set-up on the system via email. Once this is done the individual can commence work.
  7. You should keep a local record and submit details of hour’s worked and statutory annual leave to be paid via the On Line Timesheet System, in accordance with the payroll deadlines.
  8. Only individuals who have completed the training are approved to authorise timesheets in the Online System.

Important Information

  • Casuals are paid through the end of month payroll and as such are subject to PAYE tax and NI deductions if appropriate.
  • Casuals are only paid for the hours they work
  • International students on Student/Tier 4 visas can be employed as casuals but they are only permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week, except in vacation periods when they can work full time.
  • Casuals typically expire in the payroll system after 12 months. Previous experience working as a Student Ambassador does not necessarily mean they are set up in the payroll system. In addition they may live in the system but be aligned to the wrong post number – this will all need checking.