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Casual staff

When offering work on a casual basis there must be a clear understanding that the individual has no obligation to be available for work, and the University has no obligation to provide work.

Casuals are not University employees and as such our terms and conditions of employment do not apply.

When can you use casuals?

  • Where the work is occasional. This may be on going over a period of time (e.g.) exam invigilators; student ambassadors; visiting lecturers providing a short series of lectures.
  • Where the work is sporadic, the availability of work is uncertain and/or the demand is subject to other events (e.g.) conference staff for the vacation period.
  • Where the work is temporary for a short limited period of up to 13 weeks (e.g.) additional staff covering student registration weeks.

Student/Tier 4 visa restrictions

International students on Student/Tier 4 visas can be employed as casuals but they are only permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week, except during vacation periods when they can work full time.

How are casuals paid?

Casuals are paid through the end of month payroll and as such are subject to PAYE tax and NI deductions if appropriate.

Casuals are only paid for the hours they work. The work should be assessed and paid at the appropriate rate for the job in accordance with our pay and grading, although they are not on a grade and do not receive incremental progression. If the work does not equate to a comparable grade on our payscale (e.g. student ambassadors).  As we are a proudly accredited Real Living Wage Employer, our minimum rate of pay is aligned with the Living Wage and payments are made as per the casual payscale:

• a minimum rate of £10.90 per hour (from 1 October 2022)  

Casuals accrue statutory annual leave at the rate of one hours' annual leave for each 8.3 hours worked. Our on-line calculator will help you to track how much leave is accrued.

You should keep a local record and submit details of hours worked and statutory annual leave to be paid via the On Line Timesheet System, in accordance with the payroll deadlines.

Administrators and Authorisers of On Line Timesheets will be given access once they have completed the relevant training. Register:

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