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Recruiting Agency/Temp Staff

In the DSE it is sometimes necessary to make use of Agency Staff. Other options such as recruiting Casual Staff should be considered but where necessary Agency Staff can be useful if the need is urgent and specific skills are sought, such as prior knowledge of our systems and processes.

Please follow the step by step guide to recruiting Agency Staff:

  1. Permission should be sought and agreed by the Budget Holder to recruit temporary agency staff
  2. The PCMF (Post and Contract Management Spreadsheet) should be completed by a relevant individual i.e. the budget holder or the Manager recruiting.
  3. All columns should be corrected completed. Missing information can delay the process.
  4. Once complete the PCMF should be sent by email to (if you are submitting the request on behalf of the budget holder please ensure you CC them into the email).
  5. The request will go through a series of approvals including authorisation by the Director for the Student Experience, the Head of DSE Finance and the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer.
  6. The approval process can take up to 14 working days. Once approved the requester will be notified by email.
  7. Once approved the recruiting team can contact an Agency to book an agency worker.
  8. When an Agency worker has been identified please ask them to complete the relevant sections of the IT Account Application Form (The University of Manchester). The remainder should be completed by the recruiting manager.
  9. A call off order with then need to be raised for the worker and sent to the Agency. Please email the details including the email approval to your local requisitioner to process.
  10. Please send the fully completed and authorised form to: This should be actioned ahead of their agreed start date to ensure they have access from Day 1.  
  11. Please bear in mind that the creation of new IT and Email Accounts can take up to 5 working days. This should be factored into your recruitment timeline and agreed start date. 
  12. IT Accounts will be terminated as per the original declared end date on the application form. If your Agency worker continues beyond their agreed end date you will need to notify HR with a new expected end date. Steps 1 – 2 should also be completed again.