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Recruitment agencies

Which recruitment agencies can we use?

The University has a list of recruitment agencies who have been awarded a contract to supply candidates for both Permanent and Fixed-Term candidates, as well as temporary workers and contractors. A list of agencies we are able to yse can be found here.

The agencies have been selected through a full tender process and were chosen based on their ability to provide value for money by offering quality candidates at pre-agreed rates.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can speak with a member of the Talent Acquisition Team whose contact information can be found here.

How to work with agencies for all recruitment types

If you would like to use any recruitment agencies to support with a recruitment campaign witin your area please contact a member of the talent acquistion team below, who will be able to provide advice and support:

Mike Platt, Talent Acquisition Manager -

Sophie Timms, Talent Acquisition Coordinator - 

Jessica McGee, Talent Acquisition Coordinator - 

The team will ask you to complete a candidate brief that can be provided to the recruitment agencies to help with their search. The form can be found here.

For more information regarding temporary agency workers you can find the Agency Workers Regulations, 2010 here.

Temporary worker - rates of pay and agency charges

Ordinarily, temporary workers should be on placement with the University for no longer than 12 weeks, if there is a requirement for on-going support after 12 weeks we should consider a Fixed-Term contract or other possible solution to support you and your teams.

If, however, a temporary worker remains on placement with the University after 12 weeks, the agency worker must be paid the equivalent of our own staff (i.e. the bottom point of the appropriate grade for the role). We normally pay this from the start of their placement (i.e. we don't wait for them to be here for 12 weeks), however this is at the discretion of managers and some budgets may not allow for this. 

Agency workers annual leave must also increase to be in line with our own terms and conditions (i.e. rising from statutory leave entitlement). You may see an increase in agency charges after 12 weeks due to the increased annual leave entitlement. 

Agency charges are based on the hourly rate of pay that the agency worker receives, plus:

  • employer NI contributions,  
  • annual leave entitlement, 
  • pension (if appropriate)
  • apprenticeship levy (if applicable),
  • agency fee.

Altogether these amount to an additional 25 - 30% (approximately). You can ask the Talent Acquisition Team to support with providing a breakdown of any agency charges.

Agency workers paid through limited or umbrella companies 

If an individual is to be paid through an umbrella company, the agency must confirm to you that PAYE deductions will be made.

If an individual is to be paid through a limited company. You must advise the agency that due to the nature of our PSL contract (i.e. to supply temporary workers) we have assessed that the intermediaries’ legislation off-payroll working rules will apply. The agency will be responsible for ensuring that income tax and national insurance is deducted from payments to the individual.

In exceptional circumstances if there is doubt about whether the rules will apply, you must complete the HMRC Employment Status Service tool. The outcome of the assessment must be printed off and verified by your HR Partner and a copy given to the agency. 

In either circumstance (umbrella or limited company) you should not be charged for NI contributions nor annual leave - just the agency administration fee. 


When booking an agency worker, a valid purchase order is needed prior to the agency worker arriving on site, in accordance with the University’s Financial Regulations and Procedures.

Information on the financial procedures

Feedback on agencies

We will send out quarterly surveys to managers who have engaged agency workers in the previous 3 months. Your feedback will help us and the agencies to ensure that their service meets your needs.

If you have a pressing concern or problem with an agency you can also contact the Recruitment Team.