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Debbie Mackender

Debbie Mackender

Debbie Mackender, Administrative Assistant in the Directorate Office tells us how she uses LinkedIn Learning.

How did you get started with LinkedIn Learning?

I started using LinkedIn Learning when I had returned to work after a break and wanted to update my skills. My manager recommended LinkedIn Learning enthusiastically and was happy for me to put protected time in my diary for online learning.

How do you choose what to study?

One of the first courses I did was on Outlook essentials. I knew how to do the basics but the software seemed quite complex and had changed since I last used it. I found the course really useful and was able to implement the learning instantly into my work. Generally I browse courses on the software I use every day and any new software that the University might be rolling out. I often keep a note when colleagues mention things I'm not so familiar with for example ‘working with datasets’ or ‘Power BI’ and will watch the introduction to the LinkedIn course on the topic.

How do you manage your LinkedIn Learning studies?

I have an hour in my diary every Friday afternoon reserved for online learning. Whilst I don’t always get to do it, having it booked every week is a good reminder to do it.

Any tips for users getting started?

Don’t feel you have to commit to the whole course from start to finish, skip the parts you already know or aren’t relevant. For example, if you want to know how to perform a specific task, search for it and you can watch the relevant video even if it sits in a course you’re not doing.