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Advice for Applicants

Points to consider when selecting a course/conference:

1.            Seek approval from your line manager before completing the application form.

2.            Appraise the content of the course/conference.

3.            Consider your own training needs, as documented in your PDR, as to how the course/ conference will support your personal and professional development.

4.            How will this course or conference improve the student experience at The University of Manchester?

5.            How will this course or conference contribute to the University’s vision and strategic plan?

6.            Is this good value or are there more useful courses/conferences?

7.            What are your work commitments at the time of the course/conference?

8.            How long will you be away from work (include travel time)?

9.            Will the course lead to further training?

10.          Who will be attending the conference (e.g. other University colleagues)?

11.          Will there be other associated costs (e.g. travel, accommodation, sustenance)?