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Transdisciplinary Workshops

A number of university-wide workshops will be funded to inform our strategy around the GCRF challenge areas, drawing on the expertise of partners in the global South. Workshops will focus on GCRF challenge areas and will prepare the University to respond to large GCRF calls. It has become very clear that for success in large bids, the partnerships must be firmly established. The workshops will also reach out to early career researchers and will include DAC country researchers with the aim of establishing major equitable long-term partnerships.

To build on the workshop programme, up to three DAC country scholars from each workshop  will be invited  to remain in the UK after the workshops for a period of up to two months to enable a shared research agenda and funding bids to be designed and developed, and to grow the partnership.

Applications should state the desired outcomes and identify measures of success from the outset, which must have as a primary objective the aim of applying for a future Hub or similar scale bid to GCRF. 

Budget, Dates and Duration
Costs for up to £50,000 plus subsistence costs for the scholars invited to stay at the University may be requested for workshops taking place during the 2019/20 academic year.

Proposal Requirements
Applications should include a case for support of up to 3 sides of A4, a max one-page ODA compliance statement and a fEC budget.

Eligible Costs
•    Conference organisation (e.g. event hosting, casual support staff costs, consumables]
•    Travel and accommodation/subsistence costs for DAC country participants
•    Costs associated with extended stay for relevant scholars [e.g. visa costs and living expenses]

An end of grant report will be requested following completion of the project.

Applications to all schemes should be submitted to no later than 31st July 2019.