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Research Partner Development/Pump-Priming Grants

Funding is available to support activities across two activity streams: (i) support for the creation of sustainable networks, (ii) funding for collaborative research activities with a view to preparing academic colleagues to respond to future opportunities under GCRF. Funding will be awarded based on strict criteria of ODA compliance, excellent and impactful research, multi-disciplinary research teams and appropriate in-country partners to support exploitation of research.

Activities to be supported include:

  • Visits and networking activities between UoM academics and collaborators at one or more research organisations in an eligible ODA country;
  • Exploratory research and pump-priming activities which have the potential to benefit one or more ODA countries (to be undertaken in partnership with Research Organisations in eligible ODA countries).

This can include activities with non ODA partners if specific partner expertise will be focused on shared impact on ODA countries.

Applications should state the desired outcomes and identify measures of success from the outset.
Budget, Dates and Duration
Applications of up to £40,000 are sought; applications at or near the maximum amount will only be funded exceptionally.  Proposals should be up to six months in duration and funds should be expended by 31 July 2020.

Proposal Requirements
Applications should include a case for support of up to 3 sides of A4, a max one-page ODA compliance statement and a fEC budget.

Eligible Costs

  • Travel, subsistence and accommodation associated with overseas visits
  • Venue and catering costs for networking and events
  • Reasonable research time costs for DAC country co-applicants may be claimed on a directly incurred basis

All proposals must be costed by the relevant RSS hub and must comply with all the usual approval processes. Only direct costs are eligible under this grant.  Directly allocated staff time and overheads are not recoverable. Direct costs are recoverable at 100% FEC.

An end of grant report will be requested following completion of the project.

Applications to all schemes should be submitted to no later than 31st July 2019.