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Process for Managers of Staff who are leaving

  1. Line Managers should complete an online leaver notification form to notify HR Services of all staff leaving the University.
  2. In addition they should email with the leaver information.
  3. Line Managers will then receive an automated e-mail response with a link to the mandatory leaver’s checklist that will also be completed online.
  4. HR Services will complete appropriate verification, requesting further information if required, and process the leaver.
  5. Where appropriate, staff that are leaving will receive a link to an online exit questionnaire in their confirmation of leaving letter.


Important Information

  • The leaver form does not need completing if someone is transferring internally from one job to another. 
  • The leaver form should not be used to notify HR of a death in service.
  • The leaver form should not be used to inform HR Agency staff are leaving, however you need to inform HR so that IT access can be ended. 
  • The leaver form should be used in the case of Casual Workers if they are leaving before their end date. 
  • The form should be used for anyone leaving on retirement, but only after a retirement application has been submitted.