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How to book space

Resource Booker is the online tool to request space across the University of Manchester.

  • To access Resource Booker go to in any internet browser.
  • Click ‘Log in’ and use your normal University user name and password to log into the system. You will be taken to the main page titled “Make a booking’.
  • Download the How to Guide or follow the instructions below

Making a booking

  1. You will see a minimum of three tiles on the main page when you log in – one to book ‘DSE Collaboration Space’ one to book ‘DSE Desk Sharing’ and one to book ‘DSE Meeting Rooms’. You may see additional tiles if you have permission to book other spaces too.
  2. To make a booking, click on the relevant tile.
  3. When you click on the tile, you will be taken to the booking page. Here you have a number of options to help you select a room to book.
  4. If you know the room you want to book, you can just click on its name in the list. If there are a lot of rooms to search through you can filter this by typing some of the building or room name in the
  5. ‘Search a resource’ box on this page.
  6. When you have decided which room to book, just click on the room name. This will open up a list of the desks that are available to book in that room. You can check the location of the desks by viewing the Room Numbers and Desk Layout document.
  7. To see what equipment is available on a particular desk, click the ‘i' on the right hand side and some further details will be displayed.
  8. Once you know which desk you want to book, click on it and this will show a timetable for the availability. Clicking the ‘Show Availability’ button in the top right of the screen also helps highlight the slots which are available.
  9. You can click on one of the free slots to bring up the booking form, where you will be asked for some information on the booking. Complete the fields as required, including the Booking Title and your name, and then click Book.
  10. The booking will then be confirmed on the page, and also in the e-mail confirmations you receive from Resource Booker. You can click the buttons to Edit or Cancel the booking should you require.
  11. Alternatively if you don’t have a room in mind and want to see the rooms available that meet particular criteria or are available at a particular time, you can use the ‘Refine Search’ section to better define your requirements. Here you can select a date, start and end time, room capacity and other search criteria. Resource Booker will update the list of rooms to those that meet the requirements you have specified. 
  12. If you define a day and time in the search and then click on one of the available rooms, you are taken to that room’s timetable with the booking form already open for you to complete as before.
  13. My Bookings - You can click on the link on the left for ‘My bookings’ to see all the bookings you have made through Resource Booker. This defaults to the current week timetable, but you can use the options to change this to a month/week/day view, to scroll through different dates or to display the information in a list. Clicking on one of the bookings in this view will give you some more information about it, and also allow you to edit or cancel that booking if needed.