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Booking Workspaces

What buildings will the DSE be using for Hybrid Workspaces?

Sapec is available to book in the following buildings:

  • Crawford House
  • Student Services Centre
  • Rutherford Building
  • University Place (quiet zone)

What is Collaboration space?

Collaboration space is a bookable area where multiple individuals can occupy the same space. The space is bookable for a ½ day or full day. The space can be booked for a variety of purposes and should be chosen to develop peer to peer relationships; suggestions include:

  • Strategic planning which requires input from multiple colleagues
  • Bringing project teams together physically, specifically at the start of new projects
  • To help on-board new staff members within a team
  • The spaces can also be used so that Teams can catch up with each other and socialise within their group.

What is the difference between Collaboration space and Meeting Rooms?

Meeting rooms are bookable by the hour and should be used for regular meetings with teams, committees or groups. Meeting rooms can also be used for 1-2-1s.

Collaboration space is bookable for longer periods of time (1/2 day or full day) to allow cooperation, teamwork and the development of relationships within a given context.

How do I book space?

You can book space via the online booking service (Resource Booker)

Click ‘Log in’ and use your normal University user name and password to log into the system. You will be taken to the main page titled “Make a booking’ where you can find availability for all desks, meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. Once you have selected your preferred location from what is available you can make the booking. Each user will be provided with a detailed ‘How to’ guide. The system is very intuitive and easy to use and includes images of spaces and full equipment lists for each space.

Teams should notify the Hybrid Working Team of any new starters to arrange access to Resource Booker. Please email:

Is there a room/desk plan?

Via the online booking service (Resource Booker) you can access room plans for each available location to select your preferred desk / meeting room or collaboration space. 

What if someone is using my booked desk?

On the rare occasion this does happen we suggest you double check your booking to ensure it is their error. If this is the case you should ask the individual to check their booking details and move to the desk they had booked.

If the individual has not made a booking they should be directed to Resource Booker to secure a different desk.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Cancelling your booking is easy as long as you cancel it ahead of the time scheduled. You simply log into Resource Booker, click on your booking and cancel it.

Once the booking has started you can no longer cancel it. This is an anomaly of the system and is not something we can change. You do not need to notify us that you can no longer make your booking.

How far in advance can I book a desk?

You can book desks one month in advance. If you have a desk booked but are unable to use it for any reason please ensure the booking is cancelled before it commences. It takes less than one minute and will allow others to use the space.

Meetings rooms and collaboration space can be booked three months in advance. Again please cancel bookings no longer required ahead of time to allow others to utilise the space.

Can I book a recurring time slot i.e. same desk, same time every Tuesday?

Yes, you will need a booking for each day you require the desk. You will not be restricted in making the same booking repeatedly, subject to the desk of your choice being available at time of booking.

Will I be able to book the same desk each time I want to come onto Campus?

You may book the same desk every time you work on Campus. Subject to your preferred desk being available you will not be restricted in making the same booking repeatedly.

I have a virtual meeting; can I book a desk and a meeting room at the same time? Can I make more than one booking?

You can book meeting rooms when you have a scheduled meeting and are physically on campus in addition to booking a desk. You can do this via Resource Booker.

What do I do if a colleague has not booked a meeting room for a Virtual meeting and is disrupting the office?

Individuals should avoid attending virtual meetings whilst occupying a Desk Sharing environment. Meeting rooms should be booked for this purpose or the individual can schedule the meeting when they will be at home and will not disrupt others. Exceptions occur when participation is not required such as Online Learning. 

It is expected that every individual will adopt the necessary solution to ensure they do not disrupt others.

What equipment is available for Hybrid meetings?

Teams should avoid hybrid meetings (meetings where some people working remotely and others are in a meeting room).  This can lead to a range of challenges and is unhelpful for participants.  Teams are encouraged to think about when, why, and how they want to meet, depending on the type of meeting required.  

The DSE is investing in the equipment needed to facilitate more Hybrid meeting spaces. More detail coming soon.

What is a docking station and which one do I need?

A docking station is needed when the user requires 2 monitors to display their work. (in addition to a laptop screen).

At the University we have 2 docking stations:

1)      a clip in version and

2)      a USB-C pro dock.


1. The clip in style of docking station are predominately used for an older style laptop.

Clip In Style Docking Station

 2. A USB-C pro dock used for newer laptops

 USBC Pro Dock

How can I tell if my laptop fits the clip in docking station?

If the power cord for your laptop has a yellow plug it should fit the clip in docking station.

Adaptor for Clip in Docking StationClip In Style Docking Station

How can I tell if my laptop fits the USB-C docking station?

If the power cable to your laptop uses a USB-C cable (it looks like a mobile phone charger), this is the docking station to be used. 

Adaptor for USC pro Docking StationUSBC Pro Dock


Can I use the kitchen and break out spaces provided in the building I am hot-desking in?

You are more than welcome to make use of the break-out spaces provided in each Building. We expect individuals to maintain a clean and tidy environment and dispose of their rubbish responsibly and using the designated re-cycling points available in each building. Fridges will be cleared regularly and we would encourage individuals not to use the fridge for long-term storage of their food items.

Will there be space for my belongings?

The DSE is operating a clean-desk policy. We would suggest individuals only bring the equipment they need into the Desk Sharing spaces. It is expected that all personal items are removed at the end of every day.

In the long-term, if the Hybrid working pilot is successful we would anticipate the provision of spaces for individual personal belongings, such as lockers.

Can I leave items in the building where I will work?

Personal items should not be stored on University-owned premises. 

Is there storage facility for documents that I need but do not want to travel to and from work with?

Currently there is no storage facility for documents. We would encourage everybody to consider ways to reduce their paper consumption.

In the long-term, if the Hybrid working pilot is successful we would anticipate the provision of spaces for documents and files, such as lockers.

Can I bring in my plant/photos to personalise my space?

The DSE is operating a clear-desk policy. You are very welcome to bring in personal items however these will need to be removed at the end of each day. As a rule personal items should not be stored on University-owned premises.

Do I need to activate my card so that I can get in all DSE buildings - how do I do this?

Your card should work in all the spaces currently open. New starters will be asked to contact John Ashton, Access Control Manager with instructions of which spaces to request.  

Can I have visitors to the office to attend meetings?

Yes; please book a meeting room or collaboration space at one of the available locations. Meeting hosts will be responsible for providing visitor access (i.e. meet and greet) and ensuring the Health & Safety of all visitors. They should familiarise themselves with fire evacuation procedures in each venue.

Will I have access to office telephone on my booked desk?

Each desk has all the relevant equipment including telephones. You should utilise Microsoft Teams to contact colleagues and can provide details of how you can be reached in this way. Email signatures should also indicate your communication preferences and should carry mobile numbers as a means of contact where colleagues have a University owned mobile phone.

What should I do if I have IT problems?

• For general IT issues you should report via the helpdesk or call on 65544.

• For access to G.// drives and shared folders you can make a request via the IT helpdesk and await approval.

• For access to a Shared inbox you can make a request via the IT helpdesk


If you do not have the equipment you need please contact to discuss your needs.

Health and Safety

What are the cleaning protocols for hot-desking?

Cleaning materials are available at every workstation. Users should clean the space prior to commencing work and again once finished; specific attention should be paid to high touch point areas such as keyboards. Additional cleaning materials can be requested via

Will I need a DSE assessment for each different desk?

The Chapter 34 for DSE assessments is currently under review. We expect updates in the coming months.

In the meantime you can access further information here. Whilst this information relates to working at home safely we would suggest you consider ways to assess the suitability of the workspaces you book/use. More information on setting up ergonomic work stations is available in our hot-desking spaces.

Do I have to download the Safezone app and what does it do?

SafeZone is a mobile app designed to give you extra peace of mind when coming to campus. It allows you to contact our Security team directly if you are in an immediate emergency or require first aid.

You are not required to download the app however we suggest you explore how it may be able to support you and then make an informed decision as to whether you wish to download the app for use.

Do I need a lone working risk assessment?

The likelihood of lone-working if you are attending Campus during the core office hours of 08:00 - 18:00 is low. However staff are encouraged to complete a lone-working risk assessment as all areas will have lower occupancy than previously.

You can find details here: Lone working (The University of Manchester)

The On Campus lone working checklist if here: On campus lone worker checklist (The University of Manchester)

Example risk assessments for lone working are here: Example risk assessment for on-campus lone working (The University of Manchester)

You may also wish to use the check in feature of the Safezone app if you find yourself Lone Working. You can use the app to ‘check in’ and share your location on arrival, then ‘check out’ when you leave. This does not raise an alert, but may be used to let people know where you are, especially if you are working alone or out of hours.

You can set the app to automatically check you in and out by going to Settings > Check-in Settings > Allow Automatic Check-in. Your data will be stored securely for 21 days in line with the privacy policy.

Do I need to review my general office risk assessment?

As we adopt different ways of working it is timely to review and update your existing general office risk assessment. (if you do not have one of these you should complete the relevant forms to ensure your safety).

You can download examples risk assessments on the safety services site. To understand more about the importance of risk and assessments and what you should do on completion visit the DSE website.

Do I need a local building induction?

Yes, if you are choosing to hot-desk or use collaboration space/meeting rooms in a building that you have not been inducted you should familiarise yourself with the following induction materials:

Hybrid Working Health and Safety Induction - Directorate for the Student Experience

(Course contains H&S Info specific to Hybrid Working locations including Crawford House, Student Services Centre and the Rutherford Building)

It is mandatory for all new starters to have a University induction in addition to local induction arrangements. This is a new resource for staff adopting Hybrid Working. This online Induction is not meant to replace the required training and H&S Checklist for new starters. It is in addition to this.

Will there be first aid provision in each building?

New First Aid posters have been displayed in academic buildings in communal areas such as foyers and corridors that use a QR code to link to the list of First Aiders. This list is arranged by building and is maintained and updated regularly by Safety Services so will always have the most current information.

If you are having difficulty accessing the list or need a First Aider urgently contact Security on 0161 306 9966 or via the First Aid button on the SafeZone App.

Are Fire Evacuation Marshals present in each building?

There may not always be a fire evacuation marshal present (usually wearing a high vis jacket) to assist your exit from the building. 

If the fire alarm ever rings outside of the scheduled weekly test, you MUST evacuate the building. Please go straight out of the nearest exit and wait at the assembly point (fire muster point), this is displayed on the fire notices around the building.  You have a duty of care and must leave safely using your nearest emergency exit point.  Do not attempt to re-enter the building until told it is safe to do so by security, fire officer or chief evacuation marshal.

All staff are encouraged to complete the fire evacuation eLearning training on the Staff, Leaning and Development training catalogue, (course No: TLCF101e) this is a free course.

I need specialist equipment to enable me to work successfully, will this be provided?

Specialist DASS equipment will be reserved to individuals registered with DASS. If you have equipment such as specialist chairs these will be clearly marked to ensure they remain for your personal use and continue to provide the support you need. You can let us know if equipment is missing or is required via

Equipment examples:

  • DASS loaned ergo chairs can only be used by the person it was provided for and no other staff should use them. These should reside either at home or in the office dependant on the Hybrid model adopted.
  • DASS loaned small items (such as keyboards and mice) should be used by person it was provided for.  These should be moved between office and home (if the staff has hybrid or home working as a reasonable adjustment). 
  • DASS loaned height adjustable desks – it may be possible in some circumstances for these to be shared with colleagues when not in use by the DASS registered staff, but each situation would be different and will need checking. Please contact if you have access to the DASS loaned height adjustable desks.

What if I have specialist equipment but I am not registered with DASS?

Specialist equipment provided to ensure an optimum working environment such as chairs /wrist rests will be reserved to individuals. Chairs will be clearly marked to remain for personal use. Small items (such as mice) should be moved between office and home subject to hybrid working pilot.



Where do I report problems with my hot desk i.e. missing equipment?

Each desk should have the required equipment. Staff should not remove any equipment from a desk for their personal use. 

What do I do if there is an Estates issue?

We would encourage individuals to take responsibility for reporting Estates issues and faults.

You can report a campus building fault in one of three ways: 

Phone: Call the Central Estates Helpdesk on 0161 275 2424. Lines are open 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Outside working hours please call University Security on 0161 306 9966.


Submit a form: Complete the Estates work request form. You'll then be sent a unique reference number.