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Export Controls

Understanding export controls and the University

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Export Controls explained

  • Export Controls aim to limit proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and serve international obligations
  • Export Controls focuses on "Controlled items" and "End –users" (ie who is receiving it)
  • Controlled items can be physical goods or intangible such as information/data
  • Within Universities, research data may seem benign, but it may be listed as controlled for having a potential dual-use
  • Within Academia, we also need to be aware of who receives them - due diligence checks for your collaborators, funders and visitors are in place
  • The PI/teaching academic has personal liability if exporting controlled goods/data outside the UK borders
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Don't let a compliance violation happen to you!

At the University, export controls apply to:

  • All University staff and students
  • Anyone undertaking activities for or on behalf of the University (irrespective of their location)
  • Anyone operating on University premises
  • Anyone conducting work at or for the University’s subsidiaries