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On-line System for Ethical Review (ERM)

Ethical Review Manager

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* ERM now features an automatic submission feature. This means that once you sign the form (and obtain any additional required signatures) the system will automatically submit the application on your behalf. You will still receive an email confirmation once this has been done.

Submitting an ethics application? Access ERM here:

The University has adopted an online ethics review software system (ERM) to manage the ethical review of research projects that involve human participants. This online ethical review application system is available to both members of staff and students at the University of Manchester. The system will help applicants submit and track their applications as well as make it easier for the University Research Ethics Committee and various Division/School panels to conduct reviews, provide feedback and approve applications.

The how-to articles and tutorial videos below provide guidance to members and staff and students on how to use the online ethical review application system (ERM).

Please consult our guide to Frequently Asked Questions before emailing the central research office to see if the answer to your query is listed.

Need to request a change to the ERM system or have any suggestions for improvements? Complete a Change Request Form and email to 


Ethics Decision Tool

This tool is designed to help you determine whether your research requires ethical review and if so, by which ethical review body (UREC, Division/School or NHS REC).

Please ensure you read and answer each question carefully to be guided to the correct avenue of ethical review (if required). IMPORTANT: You MUST use this tool BEFORE logging into the ERM system as submitted forms have a cost attached.

** IMPORTANT: The Ethics Decision Tool is currently not working in Chrome, please use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari instead to access the tool

Accessing the ERM

To access the new ERM system, please use the following URLs and log in with your University of Manchester username and password (the same information you use to access your email):

NOTE: Using the browsers of Chrome or Firefox are recommended for speed purposes. IE will work, but you will need to be patient while it loads.

Creating and Submitting an Ethics Application

This section of guidance materials refers to taks carried out by applicants (either members of staff or students).

Getting Started-Video

Getting Started-'How To' PDF Guide

Submitting an Application-Videos

Submitting an Application-'How To' PDF Guides

Revising an Application

Making Amendments to an Application-Videos

Making Amendments to an Application-'How To' PDF Guides

Submitting an End of Study/Progress Report (UREC Only)-Video

Submitting an End of Study/Progress Report (UREC Only)-'How To' PDF Guide

Reviewing an Application

This section refers to taks that would be carried out by reviewers and administrative staff ONLY.

Reviewing Applications-Videos

Role Specific PDF Training Guides

Please see below for a list of PDF Training Guides that are specific to each role in the new ERM system. Please ensure you read the contents carefully as the screenshots and buttons available will change depending on your role. If you hold more than one role in the system, please ensure you read each guide as required. 

You may find it beneficial to set up an email inbox rule to move all notifications from the new online system into a single folder. If you wish to do this, please see the PDF guide below for specific instructions.



ERM has a Correspondence feature which acts as an internal messaging service (with the added benefit of being able to attach documents) within ERM. For more information on how this feature works, see our PDF guide below.