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Updates on the proposals

Find out more about progress to deliver our proposals to restructure PS support for Researcher Development.

Researcher Development activities for 2021/22 (20 September 2021)

Through the Researcher Development Group (RDG) we are working with Faculty Researcher Development teams to plan scheduled training activity for 2021/22, prioritising Semester 1 activities.  We are aiming to complete that planning process during September to ensure as smooth a transition to the single team as possible and to maintain the best possible training provision for postgraduate researchers and research staff under the challenges of the change process.

Faculty Researcher Development teams will remain in place until the new team has been formally established.  During this time, these teams will continue to schedule training, update websites and deliver scheduled training. A key role of the new team will be to quickly establish relationships with faculty colleagues to fully understand priorities over the next academic year and longer term.

Voluntary Severance scheme outcomes and next steps (20 September 2021)

The Voluntary Severance (VS) scheme closed on Sunday 5 September 2021. One application was received.

The number of VS applications received does not meet the reduction in roles required in the new single team. As the required net reduction of 2 posts at Grade 7 was not achieved through the VS scheme, we need to consider the option of compulsory redundancy (CR).

We will only move to CR once we have exhausted all other possibilities, particularly redeployment.  Briefings will take place locally for those individuals who remain “in-scope and at risk” as a result of the proposals. If necessary, approval to implement a CR process would be sought from the University’s Board of Governors and implemented in line with University processes.

We initiated a matching process to populate roles in the new structure with “in-scope” colleagues (Grade 6 and below) in the week commencing Monday 20 September. Further communications should be sent to “in-scope” colleagues about their posts in the single team in the week commencing Monday 27 September. Full support will be provided by local HR Partners during this process.


Formal consultation with Trade Unions (26 August 2021)

The final formal consultation meeting with the Trade Unions was held on 18 August 2021. With the conclusion of this consultation, we are moving forwards with the proposals to create a new single Researcher Development team.

Restructuring Professional Services support for Researcher Development (28 July 2021)

A message from Dr Andrew Walsh, Director of Research and Business Engagement.