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Are you a researcher or student involved in hazards research?

17 May 2024

Join our Interdisciplinary Crisis Studies and Mitigation Network annual meeting on Wednesday, 12 June

The Crisis Studies and Mitigation Network is a former UMRI-funded research centre here at the University, designed to address the intersection between natural hazards and society.

The network is an interdisciplinary research network created to tackle complex and interacting social, environmental, engineering, financial, and political system failures.

It aims to attract members from all departments and all Faculties at the University and particularly early career researchers who are looking for opportunities to develop leadership skills and network across the University.

Natural hazards can lead to larger crises than the initial hazard caused, depending on management of the crisis during and after the initial hazard. For example, the Syrian crisis has been attributed in part to drought and mismanagement of water resources. Although natural hazards themselves cannot generally be tamed, the preparations and responses to them can be.  The Centre addresses the root causes of crisis through prediction, mitigation, and remediation, while unpicking future societal risks in a manner that is democratic, just, and inclusive.  

Colleagues can register to give an oral or poster presentation at the event, to be held at the Simon Building on Wednesday, 12 June (10am – 4pm).

The event will hybrid in-person so remote attendance is possible. Lunch and coffee breaks are included for registered attendees. There is no registration fee.

To register, visit:

For more information, or if you are interested in joining the network but unable to attend the meeting, contact Professor David Schultz, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, at: