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Getting Started with Key Travel

Before you can get started on Key Travel, you need to visit the Access to Key Travel page and follow any steps that may be required depending on your role within The University of Manchester.

Once your access has been verified, below are the steps each UoM user needs to follow to begin using Key Travel:

Create a Log In for the website

  • Click on the following link: 'Create a log in'
  • Enter your University email address and click “Next”
  • You will receive an email with a link to create a memorable password

Watch this 60 second webinar to learn how to log In for the first time:

Create a traveller profile (only for Staff/Students who will be travelling)

We recommend a traveller profile is created for all travellers to ensure accuracy and speed during the booking process:

  • Once logged in, go to 'Profile Manager'
  • Select 'Create your own profile'
  • Refer to the webinar if you are unsure of any details required to create your profile.
  • Please note that the fields relating to 'Redress number' and 'Known traveller' relate only to specific travellers to the USA.
  • Please be aware that your preferences, for example which direction you may prefer to sit on a train, may not be taken into account by all suppliers.
  • Profiles can be viewed and edited by the authorised person(s) only. For example, arrangers will not be able to view your personal information.

When your profile is complete, it will be available to use for bookings the following day. All profile data is encrypted and stored as per General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Information is only used for the purpose of each trip.

Watch this 60 second webinar to learn how to create a traveller profile:

There is also an online training academy within Key Travel accessible which includes useful guides and videos on how to use the system for both Standard Users and Bookers.

Create a traveller profile (for non PGR Students & travellers external to UoM i.e. Visitors)

If the traveller is a non PGR Student or external to UoM i.e. Visitors, the Key Travel system also allows bookers to either create a traveller profile on behalf of others or send the traveller a secure link if your traveller would prefer to create their own profile.

1. Create traveller profiles on behalf of travellers

  • Click on the "Create on behalf of traveller" link
  • Complete the form presented
  • Once completed, tick to confirm that the information provided is accurate and accept responsibility for inaccurate data
  • Click confirm to complete the process
  • The traveller will then receive an email confirming that a profile has been created on their behalf. The traveller will have automatic access to log in to the Key Travel website, request a password, and view or edit their profile online

2. Send a Profile Link

  • Click on the "Send to traveller" link
  • Enter the individuals e-mail address and click send
  • An automatic e-mail will be sent to the recipient with a link to allow them to create a traveller profile (note this link will be valid for 30 days)

 This guide can provide you with more detail on setting up traveller profiles.