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One-off Payment

If you cannot find the goods or services in the on-line store or the supplier in iProc then this route might be suitable. Before starting the process please check with Accounts Payable to ensure that the supplier has not been used before.

The following categories of payment will normally be dealt with via this route:

  1. Student refunds, prizes & awards (where there is no existing supplier account and the student is not active on Campus Solutions).
  2. Conferences (where there is no existing supplier account).
  3. Genuine ‘one-off’ payments:
    • Where the payment is to a government body or charity.
    • Where the payment is to a foreign supplier.
    • Where the payment is to a UK supplier that has passed the HMRC ESS test.
    • Where the value is less than £5,000, or:
    • Any one-off payment over £5,000 requires a supplier to be created.

A one-off payment request form must be completed. Please note, this route is not applicable for pro forma invoice payments.

The above form requires an authorised signatory and an activity code. You can check who the Authorised Signatory is for your code (including Research/Project codes) by using the Online Checker.