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-Online card payment system incorporating a booking process for events and courses.

-Available 24hrs a day from anywhere in the world.


-Conferences and Events where we can collect payments for university events with the ability to set up standard and concessionary rates, one day options etc. Also optional extras such as conference dinners, university accommodation, lecture choices…

-Short Courses where we can have several different occurrences of the same course. Similar to C & E in that we can also add optional extras.

-Products where we can sell anything from a T-Shirt to a Jodrell Bank membership, to a frog sponsorship, to a resubmission fee. We can accommodate simple products and also variations (such as different sizes and colours if selling clothing, different times and prices if selling tickets)


-Anything that we put on the Estore has to be approved by James Gillen in the VAT office. A quick email to him with your finance code and details of the product/event/course. He will issue you a VAT rating.

-Finance code needs to at least contain the main GL code (i.e. CA12345) and an income ending 1502, 1180, 1812 etc and Source of Funds.

-Email the with a brief description of what you’re selling.

Additional Information

-Terms and Conditions – the standard customer T&Cs will be emailed to you. Please only alter them if absolutely necessary.

-Refund Procedures will also be emailed to you.

-Send us an image for your store, but be aware that it’s only going to show as a small square so the simpler the better. If you don’t have an image then the University of Manchester logo will show.

Every time the payment is made you will receive a sale notification with all booking details.

Income from sale will automatically be posted to your chosen finance code.

We will build your store within 2 weeks from the date when fully a completed checklist is received along with the VAT status confirmed by James Gillen and Head of School Finance approval.

Online Store

The Online Store provides a secure method for taking credit card payments that are not invoiced. Payments can be made through the store for student field courses, exam re-sits, resubmission fees, fines, memberships, short courses, events, conferences, exercise classes, and much more.

Access the Online Store


Checklist to be emailed to