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Access to Key Travel

You can access Key Travel through their website below:


There are several types of Access levels to Key Travel:

Standard User

Standard Users have look not book access and can use the Key Travel system to create Travel itineraries but are unable to complete a booking. Any Standard User wishing to submit a booking must send the itinerary as a quote to a booker/arranger within their department/division or area, or contact their School Operations team for support.


Bookers have full access to the Key Travel system and can create and book travel itineraries which will be sent to the approver to review.

Please note self-approval is not permitted therefore the booker cannot also be the approver on the code being used for the booking. The required approval will automatically divert to the back-up approver.


Approvers have the responsibility of reviewing all Travel booked against their individual Activity codes and ensuring that the cost and purpose of the trip is appropriate. Approvers are accountable for all expenditure flowing through their activity codes and will receive monthly budget holder statements directly from Key Travel.

Approvers should ensure that they put plans in place for any planned leave to ensure that any travel booking requests are not delayed. Contact the Travel Helpdesk for more advice on this.


Arrangers are usually appointed within Schools/Areas to book on behalf of others. Arrangers can only book travel for others in line with the University Travel Policy. Please contact your School Operations team to find out who your local travel arrangers are.


UoM Staff/PGR Students who do not travel on official University Business do not need to create a Traveller Profile (a traveller profile is separate to a user account).

For those who do travel on official University Business, we recommend a traveller profile is created to ensure accuracy and speed during the booking process.

Follow this for information on how to create a Traveller Profile on Key Travel.