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Register of Interests

Under University Ordinance VIII and the Financial Regulations, Schools and Directorates are required to maintain registers of interests. Staff must declare any personal interest that might be reasonably deemed to compromise impartiality, conflict with duty as an employee or potentially result in a conflict of interests leading to private benefit. Heads of Schools must maintain a Register of Interests for their School.

This requirement is mandatory for all University staff on Grade 6 and above, plus any other staff with possible conflicts of interest. All staff must complete an annual return at the start of each academic year and update it if their circumstances change. Staff with no interests to declare must submit a ‘nil’ return.

The University has an online system for submission of declarations.

To submit a ‘nil’ return from a computer on the University network should take only four mouse clicks. Any interests declared can be retrieved and edited at any time.

When logging into the Register of Interests to update an entry, some browsers may direct users to a page where, despite it saying “click on the ‘Date Return Filed’ link for your last return on the right”, this link is not visible. In such cases, please click instead on “Your Forms” in the left hand column, which should direct you to the correct page.

How to complete and submit your Register of Interests form:

Off-Campus Access

To access the Register of Interests system off campus, you will need to log in using a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Please remember to put "ds\" in front of your username (i.e. ds\zzalsdi9) or you may have an access error