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Catering and Conferences

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The University of Manchester wishes to ensure that catering is delivered in a safe and professional manner, by reputable suppliers who are able to demonstrate best practice.

When procuring catering, you should consider the University catering operators or nominated external contractors.

University Catering

Taste Manchester

Christie's Bistro


If you wish to host a conference you may be able to use the services provided by the Online Store.

Please also inform your Head of School Finance of all potential conferences (your HoSF can be found on your team structure diagram).

We would like to remind colleagues that it has been agreed by the finance sub-committee to use our own services and facilities wherever possible, thereby supporting our University’s financial sustainability. All external suppliers have now been removed from the finance system and should no longer be used.

All of us with budgetary accountabilities have a responsibility to ensure that our University’s funds are spent wisely. This is increasingly important at a time when pressure on our budgets is growing. Therefore we are asking you to ensure that hotel bookings, events and meetings are kept on campus. Further details on how you can help are outlined below.   

Events and Meetings

When planning meetings and events all staff are strongly urged to use the many spaces available across campus, which cater for a variety of events from small meetings to large conferences or dinners.

Spaces are bookable through the University Conferences and Venues team, who are on hand to support with the organisation of events in University venues, and who can advise on how each of the spaces or rooms can be used in line with government guidelines.

Dedicated meeting and event space is available year round at Manchester Meeting Place, Barnes Wallis Building, Core Technology Facility, Whitworth Building and Christie’s Bistro. A number of other University buildings are available for use during evenings, weekends and holidays.

To find out more about each of our venues, visit: University event and meeting spaces

If you would like to speak to the University Conferences and Venues team, please contact:  - 0161 306 4100

Please note that meeting rooms at the Hyatt should not be booked unless there are no suitable campus facilities unavailable.

If the event cannot be delivered on campus the booker will be directed to the Key Travel events team who will find a suitable venue in Manchester. 

University credit cards must not be used to book hotel rooms, meeting space or events in Manchester city centre.

If you Keep it on Campus, you will support our University to use its resources well and, in turn, prioritise our core goals through efficient use of our funds.

Events and Meetings Links

University event and meeting spaces

  • 0161 306 4100