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How to receive payment with or without an invoice

Bank Transfers

If you or a customer wishes to pay directly into the University bank account, please contact Cashiers and they will provide you with the bank details and a unique reference number for the customer to quote when making the payment.

  • For non invoice income please note you will have to quote the activity code, I&E code and source of funds.
  • If an invoice has been raised please quote the invoice or customer / student number.

Income paid into the Income Office

We do not accept cash.

For all other payment methods such as cheque or credit card payments, if an invoice has been raised, it is vital to always quote the invoice number.  If paying into a General Ledger Activity code you must provide the finance code, IE code and source of funds code. If you are paying multiple cheques, please complete the cheque list form.

Please note that foreign cheques must be sent directly to the Income Office for payment into the University bank account and will take up to 6-8 weeks to clear.

Do NOT under any circumstances take credit card details yourself - this is in breach of PCI DSS legislation.