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Support during the exam period

21 May 2024

Last week marked the start of our summer exam period; a critical, busy, and often stressful period for both our students, and some of our colleagues across the University.


Across the University we have a wide-range of free 24/7 support services available, providing plenty of ways you can take care of yourself, your colleagues, and support our students during their exams.

Below we have outlined a series of helpful resources and guidance on how to spot when a student or peer may be struggling. By being aware of the available resources and fostering a compassionate environment, we can each play our part in supporting each other and giving our students the best chance of success.

How to recognise signs of stress?

  • Identifying stress is crucial for timely support.
  • Look out for signs like low mood, physical symptoms (e.g., tiredness, headaches, stomach pains), and anxiety indicators (reduced eye contact, rapid speech, irritability).
  • Early recognition allows us to direct colleagues or students to available support.

Student support

  • Encourage students to use the library’s assessment support resources.
  • Highlight lesser-known study spaces on campus or nearby libraries. These hidden gems can provide a change of scenery and enhance concentration.
  • Our in-house Counselling and Mental Health Service provide weekly workshops, 1-1 appointments, live chats with a wellbeing advisor, and other resources
  • We also have a 24-hour student mental health helpline and wellbeing app, Health Assured
  • Student Support Services have a range of resources to look after student wellbeing, including tailored support, workshops, and one-to-one sessions with wellbeing advisors.
  • If personal circumstances are impacting a student’s ability to prepare or attend exams or assessments, they can request mitigating circumstances.

Colleague support

Colleagues also need self-care during busy periods.

  • Explore our Wellbeing StaffNet resources covering free online resources, including how to manage and reduce stress, and relevant events.
  • Our Employee Assistance Programme, Health Hero provides a specialist, confidential and independent counselling and information service for all colleagues that is both free and confidential.
  • Our in-house Counselling and Mental Health Service also provide workshops available to colleagues and can arrange for a review meeting if Health Hero are unable to meet your needs