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Employee Assistance Programme

Validium are a specialist external provider of staff wellbeing and mental health support services. Support is free and anonymous. They provide our staff with: 

  • Telephone Support
  • Counselling – online and face to face
  • Signposting to Specialist Agencies
  • vClub Information & Resources
  • General Health & Wellbeing Support
  • Legal Information
  • Money & Debt Support

Contacting Validium

Call 0800 358 5997 or +44 141 271 7555  (landline alternative for international and/or mobile use) to speak to an advisor.

Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – you’ll always be able to speak to someone who can help. Calls are confidential and what you say will never be shared with anyone at the University.


vClub is a Validium online portal, available 24 hours a day. vClub provides a rich source of information, fact sheets, self-help guides and links to other useful web resources, as well as providing access to podcasts and eCounselling. The portal was re-launched in January 2023 and you can now also book an appointment with a counsellor via the vClub website. 

How to access vClub?

To access vClub go to

You will be asked to enter the University’s username and generic password (UOMStaff / Wellbeing) and then will need to create your own username and passwords for your account. Once you have submitted your details, an email will be sent to you to verify your email address and activiate your account. Frther details on setting up your account can be found here

Additional support during times of crisis

Your Questions

What happens when I call the helpline?

A qualified advisor will answer the call. If it is your first call they will ask for some basic information such as the name of the University and some contact details. If you have called before they will ask you some security questions. They will then ask you what your call relates to so that they can get you the right support as quickly as possible. If the right person isn’t available they will arrange for you to be called back at the best time for you. Although some basic details are taken from everyone that calls the service, this information is not provided to the University. 

Who can use the service?

All directly employed members of staff can use the service. 

Is the service confidential?

All calls are confidential. The only exception would be where there was a serious risk of harm to the caller or others. In such circumstances the counsellor will always seek guidance before breaching confidentiality.

Who is providing the telephone helpline?

The 24/7 helpline is provided by Validium. Calls will be handled by an experienced advisor or therapist who will offer support in confidence.

What happens if I request counselling?

The counselling team will complete a short assessment with you over the phone to understand the support you need, this is usually between 30-45 minutes. This is an opportunity for you to think about how you might want to use the counselling and what issues you may want to focus on with the sessions available (up to 6 sessions per year). 

Once the assessment is complete and a referral is made, you will then be contacted by a different counsellor who will book in to meet with you for up to 6 sessions. This means you will meet with the same counsellor, usually on a weekly basis and at the same time each week.

Who is the counselling provided by?

Validium’s counsellors are all professionally qualified and very experienced. They usually have a lot of life experience and have worked in different types of organisations so that when they are supporting you, in a single session or structured counselling, they are also able to help you consider ongoing support options for when your counselling comes to an end with the Employee Assistance Programme.

What information is provided to the University?

We are only provided with summary usage data. For example, we will be advised how many people use the service and the kinds of issues they make contact about so that we can identify key themes. We do not receive any information about the individuals who contact the service.

I’m deaf or hard of hearing, how do I access the helpline?

If you have a speech impediment or hearing difficulty, please download the Relay UK App to contact the service.

What other options are there to make the helpline accessible?

Validium are working on a new chat facility so that questions can be asked via this route. As soon as it is available, we will update this information further.