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The Festival of Social Science 2011: The Science of Emotions

01 Nov 2011

A two-hour programme of activities exploring the why, what and how of emotions at The Manchester Museum on Friday 4 November (2-4pm).

Free, drop-in, all ages

Have you ever wondered why we have emotions? Have you ever experienced an emotion and wanted to hide it? Have you ever wondered how our brains and our bodies are involved in our emotions?

If so, come along to this free interactive event which is being hosted as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences and explore your emotions as you never have before!

Who is the event run by?

The event is being run by members of the EROS research group who have been studying different aspects of emotional experience including how people control and change their emotions. Who can come to the event? The event is suitable for everyone - children, teenagers and adults alike! So come along and have a go at the following activities:

How good is your poker face?

Explore whether you can persuade your face to display one emotion while you actually feel a different emotion. Will other people be able to guess how you’re feeling or will you be able to trick them with your ‘poker face?’
How can we influence emotions?

See whether a psychologist can change your emotions using the power of music. Play a game that requires you to control your emotions and see if you can use your body to alter how you feel.

How are the brain and the body involved in emotions?

Discover how the brain and the body’s response to emotion can be recorded and see how different parts of the body work together during emotional experience.

How does it feel to be a winner?

Discover the emotions that an athlete feels and learn the mental techniques involved in being a winner. What are emotions for anyway? Find out why we have emotions, how they impact on our everyday lives, and how they help us.

OK - sounds fun … but who are the EROS group?

The EROS group is a team of psychologists from five universities in the UK. They conduct research into how and why people manage their own and other people’s emotions. They explore emotion regulation in sport, in the workplace, in children, in people with mental health difficulties, in relationships and in the brain! For more information on the work of the EROS group please visit:

To find out more: