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Staff whose posts are funded from finite sources

23 Jun 2011

Statement regarding staff whose posts are funded from finite sources

The University of Manchester’s policy is to employ staff on contracts appropriate to the particular requirements and circumstances of the role.  These staff may be employed on either fixed-term or open-ended contracts. It is however the general policy of the University to appoint members of staff on open ended contracts. Where the need for a particular job to be done is for a fixed or limited term then the Policy and Procedure on Contracts of Employment provides a fair effective and transparent mechanism by which decisions on the type of contract to be used can be taken and implemented.

The University is committed to ensuring that it complies with the legal requirements on the treatment of all staff.  These include restrictions on the circumstances in which fixed-term contracts should be used, extended and terminated.

The University and the Trade Unions have been working together to  find a fair, transparent and consistent procedure for dealing with those staff whose posts are funded solely or mainly from research grants and contracts, or from other sources of fixed finite funding, when that funding is coming to an end. These discussions have taken into account the legitimate interests and concerns of staff, the framework of existing legislation, the University’s Statutes and Ordinances and the requirements for the University to operate within financial constraints and affordability. 

The University after discussions with the Campus Trade Unions has decided upon a procedure for how to deal with members of staff who are not on fixed term contracts where funding for their particular project or activity is coming to an end.  The procedure provides for discussions with individual members of staff to review all possible alternative options for continued employment.  At least three months before the possible end of the relevant funding stream or finite project the member of staff would be placed on the redeployment register whilst alternative employment is being sought in accordance with the current procedure. If no alternative employment or alternative source of funding is identified before the relevant funding stream ends, staff will remain employed on the redeployment register for up to a further 3 months, during which time further efforts would continue to be made to seek alternative sources of funding/employment.  At the end of that period if all options have been explored and recognising that, in some circumstances, redundancy is unavoidable, the member of staff affected would have served their notice period and would receive their redundancy payment. In addition any individual made redundant in this way can choose to remain on the redeployment register for up to a further 3 months after their employment has come to an end and in an unpaid capacity whilst alternative sources of funding /employment are being explored.