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Mindfulness Practice Day on 11 June at Dover Street Building

09 May 2011

There are some places left on the next mindfulness practice day, which is organised by Manchester Mindfulness Meditation supported by The University of Manchester Counselling Service.

Since the 1970s mindfulness has been used in health, education and professional development to manage stress and increase well-being. It is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) for use in the NHS.

Mindfulness, or mindful awareness is the art of being focused and concentrated in the present moment - rather than lost in the past or anxious about the future.

Mindfulness enables us to respond skilfully to challenging situations, to make more effective decisions, to manage stress and to develop resilience.

Mindfulness uses a range of techniques that are easily learned by anyone to develop this awareness.

Mindfulness meditation practice is non-sectarian and can be practised by anyone, regardless of faith or religion.

The practice day  will teach mindfulness techniques to help manage stress, develop resilience and increase personal and professional well-being.

You will be introduced to basic meditation techniques that can be used by everyone in their daily life to enhance peace and relaxation and induce calm, clear, focused minds.

We will be practising mindfulness meditation which is a way of learning to pay attention and be aware of what is happening in the present without judgement or expectation. We are often so lost in thought, thinking about the past or the future, or so preoccupied with how we want things to be (or how we don't want things to be) that we lose touch with our feelings, our bodies and behaviour. Being mindful allows us to choose how we respond to life's challenges, so instead of often being on auto-pilot we discover how to participate actively in our own change for the better.

The classes combine guided meditation with psychological understanding that you can put into practice as a method for managing stress and other difficulties encountered in daily life.

The practice day will be held in the Dover Street Building on 11 June from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Jake Dartington is an experienced teacher from Gaia House. He has some information about the weekend he taught in at The University of Manchester in November 2010 on his website:

To book a place on the day, please contact Mary Walsh at:

You will be sent a leaflet with all the details and a booking form which you will need to complete and return with a cheque for £15 if you are working or £7.50 for students/not working. You're very welcome to invite friends or family to the day by passing on the leaflet. Please note that there are are a limited number of places available and that your place cannot be reserved without a booking fee.