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Get Car Sharing - who shares wins!

19 Oct 2010

Sign up online at liftshare and qualify for Car Share parking permit

Could you fill your empty seats on the way to work? You'd save money and reduce your carbon emissions.

The University, along with its Higher Education Precinct Partners (MMU, Central NHS and RNCM), has a private group set up for staff to help them find car share partners. There are already over 450 members, but the more who sign up the greater the chances of finding a match!

The database is online and you can sign up at:

New facility

Liftshare have now installed a new facility that means you will be emailed when someone in your area signs up. This saves you having to log in to search for matches.

All you need to do is select 'weekly or monthly' in the 'contact me about potential matches' section, which is in 'My Settings'.

University Car Share Permits

The University has an internal permit scheme to promote car sharing. Two or more University permit holders can transfer their single permits to a 'Car Share' permit which costs £240 per year (£20 a month from the main applicant).

Where people car share, they will each supply their details and that of their vehicles. This will allow alternating car use or differing car use during holidays, illness etc. Only one of the vehicles can be on site at any one time.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Car Sharing Scheme, please contact:

All these measures are part of the University's Travel Plan Strategy:


Andrew Hough
HEP Travel Plan Co-ordinator

Tel: 0161 247 1364
Mobile: 07825 106885