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Conference on Network Dynamics and Synchronization

26 Mar 2010

On 17-19 May 2010 at The University of Manchester

This three day conference will look at problems involving the theory of synchronization in network systems, and applications in biology and engineering.

There have been major theoretical breakthroughs in this area through the work of Field on the one hand (with the idea of re-patching equivalence) and Golubitsky and Stewart (through balanced colouring).

One of the motivations behind this conference is to stimulate the interaction between researchers working on particular applications and those involved in theoretical issues.

It is particularly important that graduate students and other younger researchers understand the breadth of the area (if working in applications) or the way applications can stimulate new theoretical questions (if working on theory), and the LMS provides five bursaries (three nights' accommodation and lunch only) for UK graduate student participation.

Invited speakers (confirmed):

  • Dr M Aguiar (Oporto, Portugal)
  • Prof D Arrowsmith (QMUL, UK)
  • Prof P Ashwin (Exeter, UK)
  • Prof D S Broomhead (Manchester, UK)
  • Prof M Field (Houston, Texas, USA)
  • Prof C Grebogi (Abredeen, UK)
  • Prof A S Pikovsky (Potsdam, Germany)
  • Dr N Przulj (Imperial College, UK)
  • Prof I Stewart FRS (Warwick, UK)

Organising Committee:

  • Prof D S Broomhead
  • Prof M Field
  • Prof P Glendinning
  • Dr Mark Muldoon




  • Contributed Talks (25 minutes): 21 April 2010
  • Graduate Student Bursaries: 21 April 2010
  • Posters: 5 May 2010 

(These will all be chosen by the Organising Committee.)


The organisers are grateful to the LMS for funding under the LMS Scheme 1 Grants and to CICADA (funded by EPSRC and The University of Manchester).