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Osteoporosis tests for staff

30 Sep 2009

Available on 28 October at discounted rate of £25

Osteoporosis literally means ‘Porous Bones’. It occurs when the rate of bone renewal does not match the rate of breakdown, eventually resulting in weak, brittle bones. Sufferers generally do not realise they have the condition until they break a bone, by which time it is too late for them to have the most effective treatment.

More women die each year from fractures caused by osteoporosis than die from breast cancer. This is a frightening and unnecessary statistic for a condition that is both preventable and treatable.

For this reason the sports directorate will be hosting another day of bone density screening. We are pleased to offer you this test at the reduced rate of £25 (normal prices range from £37.50 to £50 depending on the company). Payments will be made on the day by cash or cheque only.

Tests will be conducted by Tracey Hunt MSc, BSc (HONS) & Isobel Pugh MSc, BA (HONS) on Wednesday 28 October in the small room opposite the wellbeing room in the Dover St building on Dover Street.

Tracey and Isobel will assess your bone density and fracture risk using a machine called a heel ultrasound scanner. The test is safe, quick, has no side effects and most importantly, it is painless! You put your foot in a machine that grips your heel, and ultrasound waves pass through it. Each heel stays in the machine for about two minutes. After the scan is completed, your results will be printed off and explained to you. There will also be time for you to ask questions, if you have any!

Along with your results and explanation, you will receive an information pack with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle advice to enable you to safeguard yourself against the condition, greatly enhancing your chances of having strong and healthy bones for life.

If you would like to book an appointment, please email:

Please indicate your ideal time and she will do her best to accommodate you. The appointment will take approximately 15 minutes – longer if you have many questions – and results and advice are given immediately.

If you are thinking about having the test, but have questions you would like to ask before you decide:

  • Call Tracey or Isobel on 07951 152172
  • Visit Bone Matters