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Up to £50,000 available for Global Citizenship Project

04 Jun 2009

CEEBL invites bids by 29 July

CEEBL is delighted to announce the opportunity for staff to bid for up to £50,000 which is available to fund a Global Citizenship project at the undergraduate level.

It is envisaged that the proposal should address the requirements for 'The Manchester Degree', outlining how the project will help students:

  • to prepare for citizenship and leadership in the diverse global communities;
  • to challenge and equip students to confront personal values and make ethical judgments;
  • to develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of the economy, society, technology and environment viewed from a discipline-based perspective;
  • and to broaden personal, intellectual and cultural outlooks.

The project should employ an enquiry-based educational approach to teaching and learning. This structure could include an emphasis on collaborative group work, where lecturers take on a facilitator role and students could be encouraged to formulate their own research questions. This independent approach to learning enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the subject-matter, as well as develop the knowledge and leadership skills required for tackling complex "real world" problems.

In addition to funding, you will receive advice and practical support from the CEEBL team, in such areas as:

  • marketing the course unit across the University;
  • training facilitators;
  • evaluating and assessing course outcomes;
  • enhancing and developing an EBL approach;
  • publishing and disseminating project results;
  • and using the latest learning technologies to support online EBL.

CEEBL Student Interns can also offer advice based upon student perspective and experience.

Please note that CEEBL’s external funding ends in June 2010 thus we are unable to predict the level of support we can provide beyond this point.

The application form along with guidance notes and the selection criteria can be found at:

However, before your submitting your application, we encourage you to:

  1. Consult with the CEEBL Manager, Adele Aubrey (email:; tel: 0161 306 4573).
  2. Discuss your ideas with your Head of School and Faculty’s Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning. (Please note that your Head of School and the Faculty’s Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning must approve the project proposal.)

All bids will be reviewed by an internal selection panel, who will make the final decisions. Successful applicants will be informed by the CEEBL Manager by the second week of August 2009.

Applications should be sent in electronic form by 29 July 2009 to: