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Yoga for healthy lower backs.

08 Oct 2008

In the Well-Being Room: October-December 2008.

As many as 80% of people suffer lower back pain at some time in their life.

Yoga will help you to relax, achieve comfort and relief, develop awareness, build up confidence and strength, understand your own back and gain an ability to move more freely without suffering adverse consequences.

This series of classes, delivered by an experienced teacher, uses an Iyengar yoga programme specially developed for lower back pain. It is quite different from normal yoga classes so preconceptions should be left behind! The aim is to pass on a toolkit for general well-being that will address postural problems, develop the muscles that support the lower back, and show how to avoid back problems commonly caused by daily activities.

The classes start with measures for dealing with episodes of pain, then progress through a series of simple postures for healthy backs. Slowly but steadily you will develop awareness, self-observation, improved symmetry, learn how to work with the breath, and how to use yoga in your daily life for general health, developing and maintaining poise, improving sleep patterns and staying free of pain.

Classes with John Aplin are on Tuesdays from 6.15-7.15pm starting on 22 October.

Wear something comfortable!

Register in person at:

  • SPORT - Head Office, William Kay House, 333 Oxford Road