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New Clearspace discussion forums launched *

01 Oct 2007

Online forums and documents database to assist in the enhancement of teaching and learning

The Vice President, Teaching and Learning and the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Office are pleased to announce the launch of Clearspace forums - software to enable staff to be able to take part in discussions and post documents to assist in the enhancement of teaching and learning.

The time-honoured way to enhance teaching quality is for colleagues to discuss what they are doing and how it is going, sharing problems and solutions, joys and sorrows. In a university as large as ours, with increasing pressures on time, opportunities to meet and discuss like this are sadly limited. Clearspace software removes many of the constraints of time and place by offering an opportunity to conduct discussions online. Teaching staff will be able to post information likely to be helpful to other people, to raise issues about teaching and learning, and to ask for advice. You can choose to be notified when there are new posts on topics that interest you, and you can propose new topics - we intend the structure and content to develop in the ways that users find most helpful. We hope that Clearspace will help to grow a mutually supportive community of practitioners, so helping to improve how we teach and enhance what students learn.

Clearspace is used by numerous organizations worldwide, including universities such as Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Warwick, the BBC, and companies such as IBM, Toshiba, Amazon, PricewaterhouseCoopers and GlaxoSmithKline.

See the Clearspace forums at:

Professor Bob Munn
September 2007