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Recent updates to our IT infrastructure and services

15 Dec 2022

IT Services is constantly working to ensure our information and services remain secure, stable and efficient for all staff and students

This means our IT infrastructure and services are being updated, often in the background, with little or no service impact on staff and students. 

These essential changes are being delivered by our team of IT experts, supported by colleagues in the locations and services affected by specific changes. Although we recognise there’s been significant disruption in recent months, there are many updates that have gone well. 

Improving the security of network connections 

We’ve just completed a critical update to the way our devices connect to the network-including desktops, laptops and other connected equipment. This is called DNS (Domain Name System) Migration and it is necessaryto ensure the future security of our network. 

PJ Hemmaway, Director of IT Services said: “I’m pleased to report that this complex update to our network connectivity was implemented successfully, and with little disruption. This was due to the detailed preparation and vigilance of the teams involved. So, I’d like to thank colleagues in IT Services, the Strategic Change Office, Communications and our network partner ROC Technologies.” 

Increasing Wi-Fi coverage 

We’ve started the next phase of Wi-Fi enhancements that will increase coverage for all staff and students over the next 12 months. This has got off to a great start in Dalton Ellis hall of residence. At this site we’ve more than doubled Wi-Fi coverage by increasing Wi-Fi access points (APs) from 75 to 177, and by carefully repositioning some of the existing APs to improve their effectiveness. We’re also focussing on reusing existing cables to reduce environmental impact.  

Buildings scheduled for upcoming Wi-Fi enhancements are Kilburn, the Main Library, Photon Science Institute (PSI), Rutherford, Schuster and the Williamson buildings.