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Championing a good night out for all

15 Dec 2022

How our crime reduction advisor, Ian Halliwell is supporting women’s safety on campus and throughout our city’s thriving night-time economy

Women's safety champions

From our world-famous nightclub, the Hacienda to the Northern Quarter’s ubercool cafes and bars, Manchester is the place to be. 

Women should be able to enjoy our famed night-time economy safely, so Manchester City Council have launched the Women’s Night-time Safety Charter – which our University is proudly supporting. 

This includes appointing women’s safety champions from our campus, two so far, including Crime Reduction Advisor Ian Halliwell. 

Ian explains: “The instances of crime on campus are low, particularly serious offences and those involving women. All the same, it’s an important issue and I’m looking forward to being involved.” 

He adds: “The partnership formed between the Advice and Response team and Campus Support and Security (CS&S) over the last twelve months has proved very beneficial. We’ve had many briefings for our teams on safety issues involving women, such as domestic violence, honour-based violence and threat of abduction. Ensuring the patrol staff have up to date information will mean they respond appropriately. They will also be aware of any likely threat they are likely to face.”  

The charter is aimed at employers with a female workforce who are at work between 6pm and 6am and enables organisations to prioritise the safety of women, both workers and customers of Manchester’s thriving night-time economy. 

The champions – who need to be passionate about helping people and understand that women’s safety is a shared responsibility – will undertake activities and advocate for practical and cultural changes. They will engage colleagues constructively and positively when taking action to address women’s safety and encouraging others to do so too. They will also spread the word about their work and empower colleagues to challenge unsafe language, behaviours and practice. 

Ian understands the safety needs of women – at home as well as work: “I am a husband, a father to two daughters and two stepdaughters, and grandfather to a further three girls. 

“We still find ourselves reminding the girls about staying safe, particularly on nights out.” 

Safe Zone 

He adds: “I have access to information around women’s safety, both from incidents on campus and from our Police partners. In the vast majority of cases, if an incident has occurred it’s usually when a woman has found herself alone. 

“Student communications, residential life teams and our team try to encourage planning ahead to ensure they do not put themselves in that position. We accept this may not be easily done. 

“The University has invested in a safety app called Safe Zone. This is a must have for all our students/staff on campus. At the press of one button, they can summon immediate assistance. Off campus, any activation will default to the 999 system, ensuring a Police response.” 

Ian is looking forward to helping to develop the scheme: “I believe that in my role I have the necessary links to promote women’s safety throughout the University, local authority and the Police. Engaging with members of the Senior Leadership team will be a crucial element of any successful campaign. 

“The safety and wellbeing of all our students and staff is a priority of the CS&S team no matter what their gender. However, yes, I do believe women’s safety should be a key goal for us all. This is because I feel they face different risks and threats. Some of the long-term work of the Champions may be to change/challenge the often-held perceptions around acceptable behaviours.” 

Find out more 

If you are interested in becoming a women’s safety champion at our University, or have any questions about the role, please contact People and OD Policy Manager, Brooke Foulger or email: 

To find out more about the charter, visit: 

To find out more about our safety app, visit: