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10,000 Actions is now 50,000 Actions!

04 Nov 2021

The University’s environmental sustainability engagement programme has been extended to the whole of our student body and is now the biggest environmental sustainability initiative in the higher education sector.

50,000 actions logo that says '50,000 actions for a more sustainable world'

In November 2016, the University’s environmental sustainability engagement programme for staff - 10,000 Actions - was launched. In its first phase (November 2016- March 2018), 46% of staff logged into the website, committing to 26,242 actions and completing 3,541 actions. Since then, the Environmental Sustainability team has been working hard to relaunch 10,000 Actions as 50,000 Actions. The new platform has been extended to the whole of our student body and is now the biggest environmental sustainability initiative in the higher education sector!

As a member of the University community you have power to help make real change and take action to build a more sustainable world; whether that be on a global level, as a local team, or as individuals.

We’re asking all our staff and students to take practical action in everyday life to help build towards a more sustainable way of living and our 50,000 Actions platform can help you do that.

50,000 Actions will give you ideas and inspiration in what you can do to live more sustainably, there’s a wealth of information available. It can begin by committing to one or two sustainable actions, encouraging others (staff and students) to take action, and keeping it up by tracking your progress as you continue to make sustainable choices.

The impact of every action you take contributes to our collective goal. By making sustainable choices in your everyday life, you can help reduce carbon impact, fight against climate change, look after the environment and make a real difference. 

What’s good for the planet can also be good for you. Taking action could help you live a healthier lifestyle, save you money, connect you with others and develop new skills that you can take with you into the future.

How it works:

Our new 50,000 Actions portal is easier to use and has a wider range of actions. You can take a look through to get ideas and inspiration then commit to the ones you care about, record the actions you’ve completed and see how you’re contributing, both individually and collectively, in tackling one of the world’s biggest challenges.

There are more than 150 different actions you can complete, from volunteering in your local community to reducing single-use plastics in your home and everything in between. Each and every action, no matter how big or small, helps make a difference and contribute to building a better and more sustainable society. 

  1. Choose an action: Browse actions and commit to ones that works for you
  2. Track your progress: Record and track progress as you complete real-life actions
  3. Keep it up: When you’re ready, try another and continue making a positive impact     


Are you ready to take action?

Visit the new 50,000 Actions portal

Share the 50,000 Actions platform with fellow colleagues and students