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Mentoring training on 17 April

21 Mar 2007

Briefing for senior staff and masterclass for current/would-be mentors

Professor David Megginson, Head of Mentoring and Coaching Research Group, Sheffield Hallam University
Tuesday 17 April 2007 - Whitworth Council Chamber

12.30pm to 1.30pm: What is mentoring all about?

Mentoring is regarded as an important element of the New Academics Programme and of the probationary procedures for academics and other staff but is, more generally, a valuable aid to staff and student development.

This first session will be a briefing session aimed at senior staff, e.g. Heads of School, Assistant Deans, Directors of services etc. During this session, David will look at what mentoring is, and why it is important in the academic context, and how it differs from counselling, coaching and training. This will primarily be from the point of view of staff mentoring, but the general principles can also apply to the mentoring of students.

As a result of this session, participants should have a clear understanding of the role of mentoring in the management and development of staff and some ideas about how to implement mentoring with staff or students.

2pm-4pm: Mentoring Masterclass

Mentoring is an important function that is undertaken by a wide group of people, both academic and non-academic.  During the afternoon, David will conduct a session for those more closely involved, or intending to become involved, in the mentoring process.

Successful mentoring can be an important element of a CV as well as a rewarding activity in itself. Skilled mentoring can require a long apprenticeship or training period, but in these two hours David will offer some practical, theoretically-grounded, approaches to mentoring.

As a result of this session, participants should have an understanding of some of the key techniques of mentoring.


If you are interested in attending either of the above sessions, please contact:

stating which session you wish to attend.