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Ideas Cafe: Jodrell Bank at 50

26 Feb 2007

A history of the Observatory and the story of the Museum's piece of moon rock

At The Manchester Museum on Monday 12 March, 6.30-8pm

Jodrell Bank Observatory, a place of wonder and inspiration, is the astronomy research centre for The University of Manchester and home to the Lovell Telescope. The Lovell Telescope made headlines worldwide for its part in tracking the rocket which carried Sputnik I into space in October 1957 - the dawn of the space age - and became an icon for the achievements of UK science and engineering and is still an inspiration for many. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the completion of the Lovell Telescope, Ian Morison will present a history of the Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Dr Sam Alberti will also reveal the story of the Museum's piece of moon rock, which was gathered from the Sea of Tranquility by Neil Armstrong, civilian commander of the Apollo 11 mission, on 21 July 1969. Within two months of being gathered, this rock was on display in The Manchester Museum, thanks largely to the research expertise of the geologist Professor Jack Zussman. Although it was later returned to NASA, the 'Manchester Moon Rock' gained an iconic status within civic memory, with visitors queuing around the block to gain their first glimpse of this tiny fragment.

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