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Actively Managing Your Mood

24 Jan 2007

An eight-week course for staff beginning on 29 January 2007

The University of Manchester Counselling Service

An 8 week course for staff of The University of Manchester starting Monday 29 January 2007, 1-2pm, in the Well—Being Room, Dover Street Building, Dover Street

Research shows that people with active coping styles (those who can tackle problems in a positive and straightforward manner) have lower levels of psychological distress. In addition, learning effective coping strategies reduces distress in the short term and provides long term protection against developing symptoms of stress.
In view of the potential long term benefits of managing stress in an effective way, it is important for us to develop these skills. This course can help you examine possible strategies for learning about and managing stress and mood fluctuations.

The course gives practical help on the psychology of learning how to cope and develop resilience which is a key factor in how well we do.  The course will look at how worrying about failure, avoidance of criticism and judgement, the high expectation we have of ourselves etc can lead to habitual ways of thinking and behaving. We will discover how changes in behaviour, feeling, and thinking can help us to relate to ourselves and others in ways that are more constructive.

The course will enable you to experience the effects of mindfulness practice on your mood-in helping you to identify key patterns of behaviour- and the role that physical activity/food etc  can have in managing stress and general wellbeing.

If you are interested in joining this group or would like more information please contact:

  • The Counselling Service on 275 2864

For information about other courses dealing with stress management and on individual counselling, please contact the above number.